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And the winner is … Pablo Picasso. Perhaps to the surprise of no one, Picasso  – the master of modernism, the caliph of cubism – dominated Piet Mondrian with 68 percent of the vote, just as he waxed his other opponents on his way to the 2015 M(art)ch Madness championship. Picasso became the clear favorite with the early ouster of Matisse, and he steamrolled David Hockey, Marc Chagall, Alexander Calder, Wassily Kandinsky and Rene Magritte on his way to the final, never earning less than 60 percent of the votes.  That’s domination, homes. And unlike Kentucky, Picasso closed the deal.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the last round, and all the others. And thanks again to the indomitable James Banta for suggesting the name M(art)ch Madness. I had fun and hope you did to.  Before you go, take a minute to vote for the theme of next year’s tournament. And if you have other ideas, or suggestions on how to improve this annual silliness, please let me know in the comments section.