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The M(art)ch Madness championship match up is set, and it’s down to two titans of 20th century art: Pablo Picasso vs. Piet Mondrian. After a tournament full of upsets and unexpected artist advancing – including seventh-seeded Paul Klee and 11th seeded Rene Magritte in the Final Four – order has been restored, with a contest between a first and second seed. Picasso has rampaged through the tournament, winning all his matches by a wide margin, and beat Magritte with 63 percent of the votes. Mondrian’s victory was narrower, but still convincing, with 55 percent of the votes against Klee.

Here are the full brackets (you’ll have to paste the URL into your browser, and click on “championship bracket” – sorry for the hassle):


The final is a great match up of styles: Picasso’s rambunctious energy vs. Mondrian’s cool formalism. As always, vote for your favorite. The winner will be crowned the greatest artist of the 20th century. Check back Tuesday for the results, and a chance to vote on the format of M(art)ch Madness 2016.

Here are some answers to any questions you may have about all this: FAQs

On to the voting:

No. 1 Pablo Picasso vs.

No. 2 Piet Mondrian