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The M(art)ch Madness Final Four is set, and it’s an all-European, all-painter (and all male) quartet. In one semi-final, No.1 seed Pablo Picasso takes on upstart 11th seed Rene Magritte, while on the other side of the bracket, No. 2  seed Piet Mondrian faces No. 7 Paul Klee.

While it’s no surprise Picasso and Mondrian made it to the Final Four, Magritte had a tough road, beating a four higher seeded artist across a range of genres: Diane Arbus, Gerhard Richter, Mark Rothko and finally Edward Hopper. Paul Klee had a slightly easier path, beating lower-seeded Thomas Hart Benton (No. 14) and Man Ray (11), as well as higher seeds Robert Rauschenberg and Diego Rivera.

If you’re new to this silliness, here are some FAQs to help explain it.

As always, vote for your favorites. The winners will face off to determine the greatest artist of the 20th century (more or less).

Final Four

No. 1 Pablo Picasso vs.


No. 11 Rene Magritte



No. 2 Piet Mondrian vs.


No. 7 Paul Klee

Comedy 1921 by Paul Klee 1879-1940