This is it, the final match up in M(art)ch Madness. After starting with 64 artists spread over 600 years, the finalists are a pair of Italian Baroque artists. To get to the championship, No. 2 seed Caravaggio and No. 4 Bernini each knocked off a higher-seeded Renaissance artist in the semi final. Caravaggio beat Dali, Van Eyck, Durer and Vermeer before taking down No. 1 seed Michelangelo, while Bernini took down Delacroix, Titian, Cezanne and Goya before thumping No. 2 Leonardo ad Vinci. The full bracket is here. Whoever wins will have earned their trophy.

Because I received some feedback that the contest was perhaps a wee bit absurdly broad in its scope, I’m thinking about narrowing down the field next year. After voting, take a moment to weigh in on possible future art history competitions. And without further ado:


No. 2 Caravaggio vs.


No. 4 Gianlorenzo Bernini


(Not coincidentally, these two works are a short walk from each other at the Galleria Borgehese in Rome)


And here is a poll of your preferences for future versions of M(art)ch Madness: