It’s an all-Italian Final Four as No. 2 Leonardo beat top-seed Rembrandt with just 52 percent of the vote (or a mere two votes).  In the other three regionals, the higher seeds advanced, with No. 1 Michelangelo beating No. 6 Van Gogh, No. 2 Caravaggio beating No. 8 Vermeer in another close match and No. 4 Bernini holding off No. 6 Goya. The bracket with voting percentages is here.  In the semi finals, Michelangelo faces Caravaggio while Leonardo takes on Bernini. If the seeds hold, we’re looking at an all-Renaissance final. Can a Baroque artist make it to the last game? We’ll see. Voting starts tomorrow.

In honor of the departed, here is the Rembrandt I never got to use: