The results are in for the Sweet 16 round, and it was a good weekend to be Baroque. Artists from the Baroque and 18th century bracket won all but one of their match ups, and make up five of the Elite Eight. The one exception was the seemingly unstoppable Michelangelo, who blew past Rubens with 78 percent of the vote. Elsewhere, though, it was Baroque/18th C. artists pulling upsets, with No. 6 Goya toppling No. 1 seed Picasso, No. 8 Vermeer beating No. 3 Matisse and No. 4 Bernini knocking off No. 2 Cezanne. No. 1 seed Rembrandt also advanced, as did Leonardo and Van Gogh.

After three rounds, the Final Four is taking shape. The winner of Michelangelo/Van Gogh will play the winner of Caravaggio/Vermeer while the winner of Rembrandt/Leonardo plays the winner of Bernini/Goya. An all-Renaissance or all-Baroque final is a distinct possibility. The updated bracket is here and Ellite Eight voting will start later today.